Monday, 20 September 2010

Love's (Labour's) Lost: Old Discoveries

Face of the Day:
Eyes:  Moonlight Lustre palette (The Body Shop)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye pencil, Zero
Too Faced Lash Injection mascara
Benefit Eye Bright
Lips: No 7 Moisture Drench, Starshell
Cheeks: M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish, Stereo Rose
I confess that I get caught up in fads more often than not. Topshop just launched a new makeup collection? Great, I’ll race you to the till. Urban Decay’s new Naked palette is now finally avilable? I better drop everything and scramble to the shops. Everything novel boasts appeal, whilst older products languish in the back of a drawer somewhere. I am not even talking about that three year old mascara (which should be tossed into the bin, right now), but the eyeshadow from three months ago or the lipstick soon celebrating its half birthday.  
A rummage in my eyeshadow collection recently, whilst under the pretense of organisation in order to procrastinate on my school work, brought up an interesting find. The palette is the only mineral eyeshadow product that I own and I’ve long forgotten what it was like. It is The Body Shop eye trio in shade 01: Moonlight Lustre. I don’t believe it’s sold in the UK anymore, but like I said previously, it has been a while.
Shade 1: Moonlight Lustre (Front)

I always found the trio of colours here interesting – it is one of those palettes with almost a random choice of colours put together: black, green and pink. There seem to be no harmony on paper or otherwise in real life. I apologise for not swatching the colours but take my word that they are very shimmery and sheer. The photos below are very good representations of the colours when swatched.

Pink on lid, green on edges, black on crease. Simple!


Anyway, the aim of this post today is to encourage everyone to go back and have a little poke around their makeup bag, hopefully discovering a new look from old products that are not expired. As a potential scientist, I cannot emphasise the sanitation reasons to throw away products past their sell by date. Bacteria builds up most easily in cream products, possibly causing infections and breakouts.  BBC News reported on the VAT increase of 2.5% from January 4th 2011 today, so if there’s a time to rediscover lost loves, this might be it!


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