Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Transform your ordinary eyeliner!

ELF has a Studio product called ‘Eye Transformer’ that is used to ‘Convert your shadows into brand new shades with... opalescent shadows.’
From the pictures, it looked a lot like my No 7 Pastel Shimmer eyeshadow trio which I bought in my first year at uni, so I unearthed the said item and tried a few experiments on black kohl swatches.

The results are frankly amazing – it completely changed the colour of an ordinary black liner! Are the colours not gorgeous?
From LH: No 7 Amazing eyes kohl pencil in black, blue shimmer on top, pink shimmer, yellow shimmer

When I used it on my eyes, the line is smudged out and not as harsh, which is great for a day time neutral look. I used a sponge tip applicator to apply the shadows, since it’s necessary to really press the powder into the kohl.
I experimented this technique with a few other shimmery eyeshadows in my collection and found only the really opalescence shades have the dramatic transforming effect. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea and a simple way to jazz up your boring black!

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