Sunday, 6 February 2011

Debenhams Sales Haul

Yay I'm back! I've decided to start posting again but this time keeping the writing shorter and snappier. I have a tendancy to go off on a tangent but will now try to be more concise.

I was browsing Benefit makeup online last night due to my recent infatuation with the brand. I will do a review of the few items I purchased in recent weeks soon (think High Beam, cream shadows, lipstick and concealer).

On the Debenhams Sales page, I spotted some new additions in the Beauty section and quickly snapped up a few bargains.

I ordered four items with free shipping as a Beauty cardholder and this qualified me for 500 points (£5) as follows:

1. Benefit Powder time lover collection, with CORALista, dallas and dandelion (3g each) for £12.50 (RRP 25). Considering a normal blush is around 10g and costs £24, this is a definitely steal and essential for Benefit blush virgins (eg. me).

2. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket gloss duo for £13.20 (RRP 22). Considering I've been lemming to try the Pocket Rockets and one costs £13, it's probably the Fates of Shopping at work.

3. Bliss All Round eyecream, £7.20 (RRP 24). Makeupalley reviewers had mixed opinions but I figured it's cheap enough for me to give it ago without feeling worried about the negative reviews. Will let you know how I get on!

4. Bliss Best of skintentions moisturiser, with SPF15, £7.50 (RRP 25). Again, makeupalley had divided opinions and I generally prefer to purchase over the counter so I can test the consistancy myself. However, the price swayed me.

So that sums up my little haul from yesterday. Did anyone buy something fun this weekend?

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