Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gosh Holographic NOTD

You may remember I hauled this polish from Superdrugs a few weeks back. Well, I’ve finally got around to wearing this and I’m really glad I chose this rather than a classic red. To satisfy my cravings, I decided to use the Jessica red to paint my toe nails instead, so I can admire my DIY pedicure during yoga.
Holographic has been withdrawn from the Gosh nail varnish range and such a shame it is! The colour applied quite sheer and was rather runny, which I believe is true for all Gosh polishes, as I used to own a coral that had the same consistency. It took two coats for a good finish and it dried smoothly and quickly.

I would advise not to put a top coat over it, as I tried it with my left thumb. The instant my Jessica Brilliance High Gloss in a Flash topcoat was over the nail, the holographic effect was dulled. After it dried, the effect wasn’t as stunning compared to the rest of my nails without the top coat.
However, the nail polish chipped on the second day of wear without the top coat, which is a bit of a bummer since polishes normally last at least four days on my fingers. So if you’re lucky enough to grab a Holographic, you’ve a choice to make: long lasting finish, or full dramatic effect.
If you can’t locate a Holographic, fret not because I did pick up a second bottle and am planning to give it away to a lucky UK follower of my blog when I reach 50 followers. Details can be found here.


Anna said...

WOW. They weren't kidding when they said it was holographic!

xNTA said...

Wow. It's a bit much for me but I'd probably use it on the tips for a night out and a fun alternative to a french! :)

Have a great one! x

ShimmerDreamz said...

@Anna, I know! The colour in the bottle was so bland and simply a boring silver that I almost didn't buy it!

@xNTA, I've seen quite a few girls wear this as a base, then top a less dramatic polish over it to remove some of the effect! Aw you're lucky that you can get french manicures - my nails are so tiny it's impossible to manage and I don't fancy fake ones at all.

About Makeup Savvy said...

Really haven't a clue why they have stopped selling this polish as it was so popular (well it still is from the looks of the £18 bottles selling on eBay)!

Maybe Gosh wanted lots of people talking about there brand more...who knows!
But I know I want it a lot! haha

Fee x

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