Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Laura Geller Ethereal Rose Baked Brightening Powder Review

How gorgeous is this blush? Look at the delicate swirl of rose, berry and lilacs and don’t tell me you are not enraptured. I saw this and had to have it – rather like a kid seeing a brand new sparkly toy on the shop shelf really. It’s probably a similar price to a new fangled Bratz doll that can sing and dance as well, costing £27.25 for a decent 9g of product from QVC.
I have simply no self-control, but seeing as I’m the proud owner of this lil’ pretty gem, I dare say it’s not a bad thing really.
Anyway, back to the review...’once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...’

Top: Sateen Subtle Berry
Bottom: Ethereal Rose
The blush is split into two uneven sections, the pinks dominating the darker side. The Ethereal Rose side is really more of a dusky light rosy pink colour. It has lilac veins running through it, rather like Mac’s Moon River or Accessorize Pretty Pink. The darker Sateen Subtle Berry contains heavier bronze veins, a few purple accents and a cream highlight base. According to QVC, it boasts ‘swirls of subtle tan, yellow and white shades’. Personally, I think my description sounds not only better, but is more accurate. I mean – ‘yellow’ = the Simpsons!
The artistic design of the baked blush is enough to make me stare at it for hours.
The swatches I made are very sheer simply because the baked blush formula is very dry and powdery, lending to a very light finish no matter how heavy-handed I am. Both sides contain a light shimmer and there is a small amount of finely milled glitter in the pink side which can be seen in the photo.

Left: Sateen Subtle Berry, Right: Ethereal Rose

When applied, the effect is quite drastic. It’s one of those ‘no makeup’ makeup products which boosts your natural beauty. The bronzer side gives the cheekbones a gorgeous, natural sun-kissed glow whilst the blush highlights the apples of my cheeks. As I said before, it’s quite hard to over-apply this, making it a great duo to have on the go in your makeup bag (assuming you’ve also a brush in there), especially since there’s a clever mirror on the lid as well. When sitting in your blush collection at home, the clear half of the lid is very useful to remind you of the blush shade.
Review Summary
Packaging: 9/10 (Mirror and clear lid combo a clear winner here)
Formula: 8/10 (I love the colours and how pretty they look, both in the pan and on my skin)
Cost: £27.25 from QVC
Final Verdict: I really, really love this product and think it’s so convenient in terms of colour design and packaging. I’m not entirely sure I’ll repurchase simply because £30 is a bit dear for a student-budget, but I wager that the 9g will last me a very long time.

Also, now THIS font is YELLOW!

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