Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lush Ultrabalm Review - The New 8 Hour Cream? Skin Saviour Part II

Got this little baby in December and have been giving it steady loving since then. It’s a good, reliable item similar to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Balm (which I prefer for everything except the price). It only has 3 ingredients (see photo below):

I like to use this on dry spots on my body such as shoulders, knees and elbows. It’s easy to massage in and helps to soothe the skin. There are little lumpy bits in the formula which does melt eventually on circular massage. The lumps felt harsh on my face so I stuck to the 8 Hour balm for those areas.
However, a bonus is that it does not contain that strong medicinal smell you associate with the 8 Hour range. There is a light scent when I stick my nose into the pot but cannot detect anything on application.
Review Summary:
Packaging: 6/10
Formula: 7/10
Cost:   £4
Verdict: This is a useful little thing to have when the central heating system is on full blast. I think it does a great job for dry patches of skin on my body and I love the price. Will definitely repurchase.

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