Sunday, 6 February 2011

Barry M freebie alert and review

There’s a great offer out on 12th February that I’m sure some of you may already have heard of. Free with The Sun’s Buzz magazine is a trio of Barry M goodies worth over £9, consisting of a nail paint, lip gloss and kohl eyeliner.

I got a Barry M lip gloss from Shout magazine in January, so thought will do a quick review on the lip gloss. After all, I am familiar with the brand’s nail paints and dazzle dusts but never paid any attention to their other products before. This is a situation I doubt I’ll rectify any time soon.

According to the Barry M website, the glossy tubes are ‘a generously glossy and flavoured lip gloss in a non stick formulation.’
The colour I’ve got is in Shout 1 and is a very sheer coral pink. It feels thin and glossy on my lips, lacking the heaviness some glosses have (Re. Revlon Superlustrous). From the swatch, it is possible to see fine shimmering particles in the formula – something that is not translated across to the lips. On me, it looks more like a clear gloss. This makes it ideal for layering over lipstick.

Lips without any product

Lips with gloss

There is a light scent of synthetic sweetness to the product which disappears soon after application. It might be pleasant to some, but I feel my tastes have evolved past the stage of candy-sweetness in cosmetics. Of course, each to their own.
Review Summary:
Packaging: 5/10
Formula: 6/10
Cost:   £3.99 (or free if you go for the offer!)
Verdict: Nice to try but lacks pigmentation and dislike the scent. Will not repurchase.

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xXMaNdAXx said...

I love Barry M and I have one of these lipgloss tubes aswell.. can't remember the name! I barely use it though cause I think it's a bit too sticky for my taste. :) love the smell smells of watermelons! xoxo

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