Thursday, 17 February 2011

O Nyx, Nyx! Wherefore art thou Nyx in my life?

O Nyx, Nyx! Wherefore art thou Nyx in my life?
A modified quote from Billy S seemed in order to emphasise the dramatic moment of this post. Plus it’s quite appropriate to reference some history, given that the Nyx brand and many of their product names are derived from Greek mythology, no?
My Nyx haul from Cherry Culture finally arrived yesterday! I ordered these items at the end of January, when Cherry Culture had the Nyx sale and also a 20% discount. All in all, order processing, packaging and shipping took a grand total of 16 days, which isn’t too bad I guess, although this is the first time I’ve ever ordered from the States before.
I was careful to keep the total value (not including P&P) under £18 in order to avoid the horrid customs duty and Import VAT from the HM Revenue office. I did tick the ‘Gift’ box during checkout as well, as gifts under £40 would be exempt. However, the declaration on the box was still classified as Non-gift, probably because I bought the items as a commercial consignment and the package isn’t sent ‘from a private person outside of EU to a private person’. Ah well, I did keep to the £18 limit after all!
An interesting thing to note is that the package label described the items as ‘Art Supplies’! I was so confused then I picked this up, wondering when I was crazy enough to order paints from the US and not remember – memory-loss at my youthful age is not very reassuring, to say the least.
So here’s my order. I simply used a Currency Converter form Google to check the amount in UK sterling pounds. It’s necessary to note the exchange rate varies – the £ value I got at checkout when converted by PayPal was higher than the converted value from the Currency Calculator I found via Google. The total came to £25.48 (including a P&P charge of around £7), which is quite impressive considering I hauled a total of 12 good quality items, plus a free lip balm.

Click on photo to enlarge!

1.       Round Lip Gloss (RLG) in Peach, a coral pink colour
2.       RLG in Soap Opera Queen , a bright fuschia with pink and silver sparkles
3.       RLG in Doll Pink, a lilac pink
4.       Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries, a copper bronze with gold base
5.       Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha, a copper colour with silver base
6.       Single Eye Shadow in Latte Foam (Metallic), similar to French Fries but with a touch more gold shimmer
7.        Jumbo Lip Pencil in Soft Fuschia, a medium pink-mauve colour
8.       Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Copper, a shimmery hot pink with a touch of mauve
9.       Round lipstick (RL) in Lala (Unsure why I bought it now...), a purple based pink
10.   RL in Flower, a rich rose pink with light shimmer
11.   RL in Tea Rose, pale nude pink
12.   RL in Spell Bound, a rose pink similar to Flower, but more emphasis on the ‘rose’ part
13.   Free Cherry Culture Bubble Gum lipbalm (a colourless balm with a strong punch of Hubba Bubba bubblegum scent. Applies smoothly but feels like a layer on wax on lips).
So there you have it – I am no longer a Nyx virgin!
I know the items are as cheap as chips, but the effort I’ve spent researching all the colours and the Revenue fine prints to avoid a massive surplus charge has made my lil’ collection as precious as my more expensive items.
Plus you know what? It was damn well worth it!


xXMaNdAXx said...

i've ordered several times from cherry culture cause nyx products are cheap from there but now i've heard of this fantastic seller on ebay which sells a huge amount of nyx products for less prices.. joy's cosmetics is the name of the shop. haven't ordered from her yet so i can't actually review but i'm going to order from there for sure next time xoxo

Cassie said...

Ooh thanks! I'm off to check it out now...I'm just adoring all my Nyx lovalies ^^

Cassie x

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