Monday, 21 February 2011

A de-potting exercise!

I’m pretty such that everyone knows Urban Decay’s Primer Potion has a very pretty but wasteful packaging detail. If you are a savvy, cost-efficient girl, it is prudent to saw the tube in half and rescue the contents before tossing everything into the bin.
Well, this pretty much applies to everything – even squeezy tubes.
I would like to show much how much product I saved from cutting a Clinique Anti-Blemish cream tube. It’s a pretty simple procedure using scissors as the plastic is very soft, but I would recommend making sliced cuts from the top of the tube downwards. This way, it’s easier to use a cotton bud to extract the cream from the walls of each section. You will find that there’s tons of product still left to the sides, especially around the neck area.
See how much moisturiser was still left in the left? (Bottom left section of tube).
I like to save my sample pots for such instances and use them here to store the last of my moisturiser. In this case, I’ve probably saved about 5ml from the original 50ml of product, which isn’t too much. However, I cut up my anti-spot cream from Neutrogena (review here) a few weeks back and saved just as much. Considering that was a 15ml tube, 5ml is very significant (a THIRD of the product!).

A full (actually overfilling) sample pot that will last me at least three full face applications!
Hopefully you will now eye all your ‘used up’ skincare items armed with a pair of scissors and extend the number of applications just that little bit further!

xoxo Cassie

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deerest said...

Hey Love :] Thanks for the tip! And You've left a comment on my blog, I'm not sure if you'll be notified about my answer but here it is:

Hi hun ^o^ just because you have dry flaky patches doesn't necessarily mean that you have sensitive and dehydrated skin. For sensitive skin, there's actually a test you can consider trying. All you need to do is press onto your skin and it leaves a red mark for a second before neutralizing, you can consider that you have sensitive skin. To make the results more accurate, you should ask yourself or try to remember if your skin tends to itch, burn or get red when using a particular skin product. Yay!

If no signs of sensitive skin are showing, then you are likely to just have a combination of something & extremely dry skin.

For dehydrated skin, ALMOST everyone has it. Results from not drinking too much water, and you can't treat that. All you can do is drink lots of more water :) So You shouldn't worry too much about dehydrated skin.

Hope that helps you love!

P.S. This is the post you left a comment! + Thanks for dropping by!


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