Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Freebie alert: Missguided Lipgloss and DKNY fragrance!

This month’s Cosmopolitan is giving away a free Missguided lipsplash gloss (7ml, worth £5). I’ve got the bright red one called Missfortune since the other two on offer are clear or nude. You probably know how much I enjoy colour (and if you didn’t before, you do now!), so bright it was!
It applies a lot sheerer than the colour in the tube would suggest. I would show you a photo swatch, but it’s late and I’m really tired after a 9 to 7 day whilst functioning on my second day of 6 hours of sleep. My beauty has immensely declined under these dreadful conditions and I am reluctant to scare away any future readers or potential followers.
Anyways, there is a sweet (coconut?) scent on application, but it disappears quickly. It feels very light and moisturising on my lips – quite similar to the Nyx round glosses.
As if that wasn’t enough, Cosmo readers are also getting a free 7ml DKNY fragrance, to be picked up at Debenhams from the 7th March. It’s a gorgeous light sweet scent that’d be perfect for spring/summer, assuming the temperamental (PMS-ing, really) British weather decides to man up for the occasion.
There’s a great feature on great lip tips and tricks in the Beauty section that I really enjoyed and decided to share with you here. So check it out here and let me know what you think of the freebie alert – is it worth the £3.50 Cosmopolitan price tag?

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