Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A tale of two pans...

You’re probably used to thinking about eyeshadow pans (makeup addict much? :P) rather than the normal kitchen equipment type. For me, I like to use my saucepans but what about you?
Tyra Banks at America’s Next Top Model has started recently introducing the contestants to a range of healthy diets (RE: Ann’s deep fried oreos in Cycle 15!). Since a balanced diet high in vitamins, water and fibre is good for your beauty, and this is a beauty-oriented blog, I wonder what do you eat?
As a student living in brand new accommodations, complete with a fantastic spacious kitchen, I have been doing more cooking this year than ever before. My repertoire is pretty much all things Chinese – stir fries, noodle soups, rice sticks.etc I do occasionally bung the odd thing into the oven, but that’s when I’m craving pizza!
I wanted to show you a photo of my beloved pan which I use as a wok for stir fries, a grill for my chicken breasts and a saucepan for my yummy soups. It’s dirty because when I wanted to take the photo, I had just eaten and was too lazy to trek back to the kitchens and clean.

This post is a preview of an upcoming review of the CNS Stores, which is US-based but branching into the UK. Their range includes lighting, furniture and obviously kitchen equipment. I know kitchenware isn’t exactly a fun beauty related topic, but wouldn’t it be great if I can have a Jamie Oliver effect on all you lovely readers and inspire you to cook at home, eat healthily, have glowing skin and never read my skincare reviews ever again? Ok, for the perfect answer to my rhetorical question, it’s a ‘yes’ for all but the last part.

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