Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Weekend haulage and bank breakage

Hello guys and dolls, how’s your Wednesday so far? I’ve been pretty busy moving home from uni and unpacking this week, so the posts have been rather sparse. Well, no worries as everything should be on track again.
I had a good ol’ browse at Boots before I left uni, and here’s what I got! I was rather numb as I entered my card pin, since the total came close to £100… for a single transaction! I think the total on my What’s Your Face Worth post should be updated with my additional purchases, but that number already scared me. However, I do think the great GWP incentives negated the price slightly.
So here’s what I got! There might be a few GWP items missing, as I had packed everything away before remembering to take a photo, and couldn’t recall all the small samples that came with the purchases.

Lancome Primordiale Skin Recharge night cream (*gulp* £52. Remember my raving review on the day version? Well, I loved it so much I decided to get the other one too. It’s worrying how the combined total of these two creams can almost get me a Clarisonic Mia, which I want desperately).

Lancome GWP, which includes Galateis Douceur, Tonique Douceur (gorgeous scent – light and refreshing), Bi-facil (fantastic makeup remover – no panda eyes please!), Genifique, Hydra Zen day cream (so yummy – leaves my skin soothed and soft. A close favourite to the Primordiale), Genifique Yeux (pretty good, not sure how effective it is on my 20-year old skin, but great moisturiser), Hypnose mascara (very black), and finally a juicy tube in framboise (strawberry, for non-French speakers. It has a yummy scent, great formula).
Max Factor Lip tint pen in Pink Princess (£7.99)
Max Factor lipstick in Pearl Orange (great coral shade for summer, £7.99)
Max Factor GWP, contains a miniature mascara, lipgloss, eye shadow, nail varnish and a coupon for £3 off a foundation, all in a cheap but smartly designed makeup bag that has an attachable mesh bag inside.
Benefit High Beam (£18.50)
Origins serum sample
Did anyone buy anything fun over the weekend? There are so many great GWP deals out there at the moment that I’m rather spoilt for choice! I know Estee Lauder has a ‘customise your own’ freebie deal which sounds like a great idea, and UNE is giving away a free blush with every foundation purchase.



G A B Y said...

I love lanôcme Juicy Tubes, best ligplosses ever! Great GWP x

ShimmerDreamz said...

@Gaby mmm, I'm starting to love them too! Such yummy flavours.

deerest said...

Wow!! Cool!! :DDDDDDD Thanks for the heads up on the deals!

I only bought a few stuff over the weekends from the markets. I found a collection of SEPHORA gloss tubes for like .. $1 HAH :D

Great post! xx

P.S. Here's the nail tut you requested a while agoz!! :3 (though you might not remember)


ShimmerDreamz said...

@deerest, $1 is practically non-existant money for lipglosses!

Thanks for the heads up!

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