Sunday, 27 March 2011

Nyx round lipgloss in Doll Pink

Ever since my Cherry Culture haul, I feel like I’ve been raving about their products – the quality of their lipsticks and eyeshadows are simply divine. I also got three round lipglosses from Nyx and have tried them out long enough to give a good balanced review.
The price is so good that its almost non-existent: $2 sale with added 20% discount equals roughly £1. Even the glosses at Asda’s George range are £2.75 now! Of course there’s the £7 P&P, but I prefer to think of it as the ugly step sister determined to ride Cinderella’s ball gown train – something you ignore with the best possible poker face (no grimaces!).
Like all Nyx round lipglosses, the applicator comes in a slightly bent doe foot sponge wand. A slight grievance is the fact that the stopper around the neck of the tube isn’t very good at its job and always lets out a little too much product each time. This can be the other ugly stepsister in my fairy tale analogy.  The colour Doll Pink is a pretty bright fuchsia with very small lilac shimmer particles that are only visible only if you stare very closely at the tube for extended periods of time and risk going cross-eyed. It could certainly be Cinderella’s lip colour by choice.

Application-wise, the product glides on smoothly and easily with no hint of drag or uneven colour application. The formula is very light weight and runny. A comparison that comes to mind is the Jemma Kidd Makeup School Hi-Shine Silktouch lipglosses, which are similarly thin. So if you’re a person who dislikes the heavy feeling Mac lip dazzleglasses or Revlon Superlustrous lipglosses give, this would be the perfect lipgloss range for you. Alternatively, if you’re a true beauty addict and like to mix and match things, I’d recommend you go for it anyway.

The pigmentation of the gloss is very good despite the fact that you’re not caking on the product at all. In terms of wear, I would say I got at least 4 hours from it, although the glossy effect started to fade towards the end so my lips were more pink than shiny, as the pigmentation remained like a stain on my lips. It’s harder to judge for after 4 hours, as I had to eat then. Due to my rational dislike of having food crumbs stuck to my lips or ingesting too much chemicals, I always remove my lip products before eating, so it’s rather hard for me to comment whether the gloss would have lasted beyond the 4 hour mark for me. Judging by its performance, I dare say the pigmentation would have definitely lasted, but don’t quote me on that.
All in all, this is such a fantastic product, even discounting the price. There are so many colours to choose from on the Cherry Culture website, ranging from nudes to pastels to brights. I’m firmly on the Nyx bandwagon now and whilst I’m constantly bemoaning the lack of Nyx in the UK (more expensive online Nyx distributers here in the UK does NOT count!), I confess part of my fascination with Nyx also stems from its limited availability. It was ever so much fun researching all the different colours online and reading up on swatches/reviews before making my choices on whether I should go for the eyeshadow palettes or singles, the lipsticks or the lipglosses, the Megashine range or the Black label range…

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Vijaya said...

One of my favorite things about the Nyx line is that you don't usually sacrifice quality for price. Thanks for the review. I'd love to see you review some Black Label lipsticks!

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